BaudMaster eliminates ground loops that destroy computer ports and reduce serial communications reliability.  Omni-isolation provides four-way full galvanic isolation. Guarantees 2000 volts isolation from Equipment-to-Line, Equipment-to-Power, Line-toPower and Circuit-to-Chassis. Galvanic isolation breaks the signal, power and ground paths using transformer and optical technology by allowing data to flow between systems, but not electrical current. This eliminates all grounding problems.  All communication and power lines are transient protected.


User Manual




Data Communications (from datalogger perspective)


  1. Verify +5V LED's are lit
  2. When datalogger queries the devices on the RS-485 network, make sure the inner two LED's blink
    • If inner two LED's do not blink, check the position of the DCE/DTE switch. Try changing the position and performing the device query again.
    • If outer two LED's do not blink, this indicates the device did not respond to the query or the RS-485 cabling has issue.  Please double check the RS-485 cabling, connections and device is powered on.

RS-485 Transceiver Termination