If you observe the alarm "Controller Unavailable" and data stopped updating then follow the below steps before you contact Inaccess Support Team.

If you observe "Controller Unavailable" (red severity alarm) and the data have stopped updating you need to follow the below steps, before contacting Inaccess Support Team.

1. Check if controller is offline

  1a. if it is offline there is a network problem

  1b. if it is not offline, submit a ticket to Inaccess Support (this is not a network problem)

2. If 1a. is true then ping the public ip address

  2a. if public ip address does not reply contact the internet provider

  2b. if public ip address replies (in that case you will be able to remotel access CCTV system or inverter dataloger), submit a ticket to Inaccess Support, mentioning the public ip address