Below you can find instructions on how to manage Table Views. Table Views is useful if you want to have a quick view in the last or minimum or maximum value of parameter groups like strin current, DCBox output current, pyranometers irradiation, etc.


2. Select Table Views-Config

3. Add the parameters you desire, by the + button. Suppose that you want to add all the string currents of the site. You have only to select the first string current

4. Set a name and select the "Save" button

5. Now that you saved the Table View you can view it by selecting Table Views-View. Then from the drop down list you select the desired Table Views 

6. Set the date and if you want to view the last/min/max values of the saved parameters and select "View" button

7. If you select last, the result is to depict the last 15min average value of all string currents

Editing a saved Tabe Views, can be done by Table View-Config. Select the desired Table Views, and select Edit. Edit gives you 2 options

-Remove for deleting the Table Views

-Save for adding a new parameter and then saving