You can setup to receive email or sms notifications for alerts that are announced in Insolar portal. The email/sms is sent 10 minutes after the alert activation.

First you need to reassure that your mobile phone/email is correctly setup in user preferences window

The mobile phone should be written in the following format. 

Mobile=4478xxxxxxxx (eg. for UK with country code 0044...)

In order to create a new Subscription follow the steps

1. Select Menu-Browser. Select the node you want to create subscription (eg. Site Name) and Select SUBSCRIPTIONS tab on your right hand

2. Select the "Add" button on your right hand and the below option appears

SOURCE (for which node you create subscription)



THRESHOLD (from 10 to 100 based on the severity of the alarm)

3. Let's suppose that you want to receive email notifications for alerts with severity above or equal 80 to site level

4. At the end select the tick button in order to enable the subscription

The BELOW condition has meaning when you need to know when an alert is not active any more. Then you select BELOW 10 (because when an alert is not active its severity is 0).

If you need to delete a subscritpion select the recycle bin button and then the tick button