The Real Time Monitor function allows you to view and export real time data for the selected parameter/s.

Select the "Monitor" icon

In the Real Time Monitor window by pressing the "Start Monitor" button the real time data graph is depicted. You can select the time window frame between 24h, 1h and 15 min.

You can also customize the time window frame by the button "set custon time window". Select desired Hours and Minutes and click Change.

When you select "Start Monitor" the State of Real Time Monitor changes from Unknown:1 to Pending:1 and as soon as the window is active status changes to Open:1

If for some reason the real time data feed can not be established then the status will go Failed:1

In order to stop the real time data feed you select the button "stop monitor" and the status turns to Closed:1. If you want to export these real time data select the "Export" button (in the red circle)