If you want to view/plot/export the values of a parameter of multiple inverter or of the inverters for the whole site, 

go on Inverter levelon the site’s browser.

Then you must pick the Parameter you are interested in and click on the “X-Segment”icon on the right end of the parameter tab, as seen below:

Once you have done that, you will load the “Collections” interface of the portal.

If you wish to view the values for the whole site, you must click on the “Search full Site” icon on the upper right corner of your screen:

Then click on (“ADDTO SCRATCPAD” ) ALL icon:

You have now added the parameters on your “Scratchpad”, which can be seen byclicking on the corresponding icon on the top of the Collections page

Once you have done that, you have accessed your “Scratchpad” and from here you can either export, plot or save your selected parameters.