When a Lufft Weather Station is not updating data you can follow on site the next steps

1. Visit the Lufft device and find the junction box near it.

On this junction box you should distinguish the Lufft side and the controller side.

In the Lufft side the thin white, brown, green, yellow cables (coming from the Lufft device) are connected.

In the controller side the power and data cables coming from controller are connected.

2. Measure on the junction box between white and brown. The voltage should be 24 VDC. If not you should check continuity of the cable (between controller and junction box). You should also check inside Inaccess panel if the power supply unit is operational.

3. On the junction box from the Lufft side the data (RS485) cables are the green (data+), yellow (data-). You should find from the controller side the cables that are connected with the green and yellow. Disconnect the cables (coming from the controller side). Measure the voltage between them. It should be 5VDC.

If it is 0, check the continuity of the cable (between controller and junction box). 

If the cable is fine you should contact Inaccess Support Team in order to find out from the Inaccess panel's side what is going wrong.

Figure: Lufft Weather Station connections