This wind sensor is a 4-20mA device. For that reason it is connected to ADAM 4117 inside the Inaccess SCADA panel. 

The cable of the sensor is described below

Τhies Clima

white: 24V

brown: power supply ground

green: AI+

yellow: AI-


brown: 24V

white: power supply ground

blue: AI+

black: AI-

  1. In the following picture you see the power supply terminals. Measure the voltage between white and red and you should find 24V

  2. Disconnect the cables from the terminal blocks 13(AI+), 14(AI-) you see in the picture.

          Measure the voltage between them. It should be a little lower than 24VDC. 

          You can also try to connect the cables to a 50Ohm resistor and measure the voltage at the resistor. The expected voltage is 0,2     until 1 Volt.

        If you measure 0 or constantly 24 (although the wind sensor is moving) , then the sensor needs replacement

 3. If all the above checks are successful, then probably the chanel of ADAM4117 is faulty. At this step you need to contact Insolar Support Team.